No debe unirse con guión a la palabra a que se adjunta. Antinuclear, no anti-nuclear. Antirrobo, no anti-robo, excepto cuando el prefijo se une a una palabra que empieza con mayúscula: anti-OTAN.

Diccionario español de neologismos. 2013.

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  • ANTI- — is an American record label founded in 1999 as a sister label of Epitaph Records. While Epitaph s focus is mostly on punk rock, ANTI has a more diverse roster, ranging from hip hop (Blackalicious), reggae (Buju Banton), comedy (Eddie Izzard),… …   Wikipedia

  • ANTI- — Création 1999 Siège social …   Wikipédia en Français

  • anti — Element de compunere însemnând împotrivă , în contră , opus , care serveşte la formarea unor substantive şi adjective. – Din fr. anti . Trimis de ana zecheru, 27.10.2004. Sursa: DEX 98  ANTI Element prim de compunere savantă cu semnificaţia… …   Dicționar Român

  • Anti — may refer to:* [Anti] , Nicholas Berger, Son of Gary Berger. * Anti (mythology), was the ferryman who carried Isis to Set s island in Egyptian mythology. * Anti, or Campa, a tribe of South American Indians. * ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, a… …   Wikipedia

  • anti- — [æntɪ ǁ æntɪ, æntaɪ] prefix opposed to or against something: • the anti business climate of the 1960s and 1970s • The bill is anti consumer and anti competitive. * * * anti UK US /ænti / US  /æntɑɪ/ prefix ► opposed to or against something: »Even …   Financial and business terms

  • anti- — pref. Elemento que indica oposição (ex.: antialérgico, anticristão).   ‣ Etimologia: grego anti, em face de, do lado oposto   • Nota: É seguido de hífen quando o segundo elemento começa por h, i, r ou s (ex.: anti higiênico, anti infeccioso, anti …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • Anti — ist: αντί, eine griechische Präposition und Vorsilbe mit der Bedeutung ‚gegen‘ oder ‚anstelle von‘, siehe Liste griechischer Präfixe ein US amerikanisches Independent Label, siehe ANTI Records eine altägyptische Gottheit, siehe Nemti eine… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • anti — as a stand alone word, attested from 1788 (n.), originally in reference to the anti federalists in U.S. politics (in the 1830s, of the Anti Masonic party); as an adjetive, from 1857. From ANTI (Cf. anti ) in various usages …   Etymology dictionary

  • anti- — element meaning against, opposed to, opposite of, instead, from O.Fr. anti and directly from L. anti from Gk. anti against, opposite, instead of, also used as a prefix, from PIE *anti against, also in front of (see ANTE (Cf. ante)). It appears in …   Etymology dictionary

  • anti- — 1 [dal gr. antí, anti contro ]. Pref. usato in voci di formazione dotta (nelle quali il secondo elemento può essere sia un sost. come in antincendio o antiruggine, sia un agg. come in antigiuridico o anticlericale, sia un part. pres. come in… …   Enciclopedia Italiana

  • anti- — [an′tī΄, an′tē, an′ti, an′tə] [Gr anti , ant < anti, against < IE * anti, facing, opposite, near (> L ante, opposite, before) < base * ant s, front, forehead] prefix 1. against, hostile to, opposed to [antilabor, antislavery] 2. that… …   English World dictionary

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